Testing Copies?



I copied American Gangster onto 2 discs using DVDFab. They were messed up, freezing when I tried to rewind and then jumping back and forth between scenes. Using Nero CD-DVD Speed I ran ScanDisc on the discs, which showed the whole disc to be Good, and a Disc Quality scan, which also showed excellent results. So, are there no tests that will show when the copy is a bad one? The only way to tell is to actually watch the movie?



Make a TRT on the copy too.


I’m sorry, what’s a TRT?



Ok, I see now that it’s a Transfer Rate Test. Can you point me to a thread that explains how to interpret TRT?



The TRT will show you how fast your drive can read back the disc, so if you see any unexpected drops in read speed during the test, then it means that your drive is having difficulty reading back your disc. If you can post screenshots of your disc quality scan and TRT, then we’ll help you interpret both.


Thanks, AZ. I’ve already tossed the discs. Next time it happens I’ll post some scans.