Testing CDs after burning?

Whats the normal procedure for testing a CD after its been burnt?

What i have done before is open go into the CDrom drive and ran an executable file to see if it runs ok. i realise that this is probably a really stupid and inaccurate way of doing it, but i am new to all this and couldn’t really think of anything else!!

So anyone got any tips for me?


Insert CD.
Run Autorun/Setup
Install the program
Run the program from the CD
Test Complete!

Yes, but does that have to be done with every single copy? And wouldn’t it be a bit innacurate as what if there was a corrupt file somewhere that wasn’t used during the installation process?

Or am i talking crap?:stuck_out_tongue:

What program are you using? Nero has it’s own Data Verification check built in and it runs after you burn the CD.

I personally do not test my CDs and have never had a problem yet. If you are making like 10 CDs from a single original, I would randomly test 2-3 out of the bunch (first one, middle, last).

If there was a corrupt file during the install, Setup would ask for the original file/CD :stuck_out_tongue:

Try using CDcheck

get if from http://elpros.si/CDCheck/

The programs scans your cdr for errors. But when it freezes then you have badly burnt cd.

You can check “verify data” in Nero after the burn procedure has been completed
You can use other proggies such as CDCheck or Nero CD Speed to check the disc for bad sectors. If your drive is a Lite-on you can use KProbe or a similar proggie for more test, or PlexTools if you have a Plextor Premium drive.