Testing benq 1650 reading?



My new drives seems to read some disks quite fast, others very slow.
When I ordered it I was trying to kill 2 birds with one stone, get an excellent
reader and a premium scanner in one drive.
To do this test I selected a 3 yr old princo disk.

  1. disk info
  2. nec 3550 quality scan
  3. benq 1650 quality scan

to follow

  1. lg 4163B read graph
  2. nec 3550 read graph
  3. benq 1650 read graph



I really love this new drive


hi rbrtpl: good to see that your BenQ drives can confirmed NEC readings. They show slowdowns at the end although all files should be transferable. The LG reads it smoothly although 2 minutes slower. If you set the read speed of the benq to slower rate (say 12x) how does it look?

PS: To set slower read speed, set in Nero CD-DVD Speep>Options>Standard Tests> Read Speed.


oh master, thanks for the PS, being a noob, I need all the help I can get, will reread
at 12x, but currently testing the BCFC firmware.


as requested a 12x transfer graph with benq 1650 and in addition a 12x with the nec 3550

now to see what ripping programs will let me lock max speed