Testing BD's for errors

I’m new to BD Authoring & Burning. I purchased an LG GGW-H20l, I’ve used Nero Disc Speed to check burned DVD an Cd media for PI/PO errors on a LITE-On Drive. Is there a program that will work with the GGW-H20L to check the quality of a burned BD? When I try to use Nero it gives the disc info but won’t let me run the quality test. Thanks

LG drives don’t do quality scans as far as I am aware, not even on dvds. You can still do transfer rate and scan disk tests with your drive.

To do quality scans on BD media you’ll need a specific Lite-on BD-Rom drive, the DH4O1S. The Lite-on BD burners may also do quality tests, but I don’t know this for certain. Maybe someone will confirm/deny this for us.

Thanks Kerry. I’ve used Lite-on for years but when I was researching the BD burners I got the impression that the LG had fewer problems and performed better so I purchased the LG. Would you agree with my assessment? Or do you think there really much difference?

THe Lite-on DH4O1S is the only drive I know of that does quality scans on Blu-ray media.

Thanks MD

No problem catman915 and welcome to Cdfreaks :flower:

LG makes a very good Blu-ray drive so you won’t need to question your purchase :slight_smile:

I have the LG GBW-H20L crossflashed to GGW-H20L and it burns everything with great quality, even Made in USA Imation BD-RE’s that other drives won’t even recognize :wink:


[QUOTE=catman915;2276417]Thanks MD[/QUOTE]

Do you have a preferred media for the GGW or are they all equal in your experience?

Sony, TDK and Verbatim all burn great on the LG (as well as most drives).

Just have to look for sales and eBay is a good place to watch :wink:

[QUOTE=catman915;2276447]Do you have a preferred media for the GGW or are they all equal in your experience?[/QUOTE]