Testing and end results



After reading some postings about media testing, I have to admit I’m am still very confused about testing and end results. I understand there are factors that will make media unreadable and testing your media may determine if you will burn more coasters than good discs. But if you burn a disc and you are able to retrieve the file on the disc, does testing the media make a difference in the end if you don’t have any problems with retrieving the data? For instance, I back up my digital photos on multiple DVD’s. I don’t want to lose them or have them loose data and affect the quality of the pictures. Does testing these discs to see if it was a good burn determine if the disc will last longer or contain flaws that will show up in the pictures? Sorry for the utterly basic question, but I am fairly new to this forum and find the graphs from CD Speed very confusing. It would be great to see a program tell me “this is a good burn, your data is as safe as this media can offer” and “this is a bad burn, you are going to loose your data really soon”.