Testing a VOB file?

Yeah, definitely a newbie question. So you have a Video_TS folder with VOB/IFO files. The burn doesn’t work on the player. How does one go about testing the files themselves on the computer to see if they play correctly?

Play them in an appropriate media player, like VLC, PowerDVD, Media Player Classic HomeCinema, etc.

Another, quicker method is to open the files with DVDShrink and see if it can complete the initial, quick analysis of the dvd video. Shrink is pretty much a stickler for correct dvd structure.

Any DVD player should be fine.

I suggest VLC :slight_smile:

oops too slow :sad:

Extension of stupid question:

How does one open the entire Video_TS structure and not just a single file?

I recently uninstalled VLC because I kept getting termination errors (perhaps I’ll try it reinstall it again) and was just going to stick with the ol’ Windows Media Player. If this can read my movie, how exactly does one go about adding it in its entirety?

buries head in sand in embarrassment

The VIDEO_TS.IFO file is the “start” file.


You can also just right click on the Video_TS folder and you should see an option to play with VLC media player.

Thank you both. I’ll re-download VLC today, it seems to be the choice among users.

VLC is a good player, but it will play almost any file, which is not to say that your stand alone will do the same.
For testing functionality of VIDEO_TS folder, including menus, I second Kerry’s suggestion of Power DVD player.