Testing a DVD-RW prepurchase advice

I am looking at a Nec2500 DVD-RW, what soft could I use to test it, it is SH and I do not want to get scammed


Probably do OK with Nero 6-

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Thank you,

I would like to know if a DVD-RW can be used to store files of any type, just like a CD-RW substitute. I heard there are various proections. I don’t need it for movies, but mainly to backup my data. Also, is it reliable, I heard DVD is a more sensitive media type.

I am (was) a happy burner, I have a CD-RW, but I am tired of using so many discs. I’d like to have larger capacity ones if they do the job.

Thanks again

dvd is more sensitive but you can put a lot more on it.
any data
what protection?

dvd-rw or dvd+rw can be used exactly how you have been using your cd-rw CDs for data storage.

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