Did you ever had to testify in court?
What for? To defend yourself?

I went to court as a witness for a mate of mine who had basically been started on by one lad then his mate joined in, unbeknown to them my mate was at the time a brown belt something or other in karate and ended up flooring the pair of them, anyway even though they started it he got a fine and found guilty of common assult x2, problem was the pair of lads had about 20 mates stood around who said my mate was the one who started it so therefore we were fucked pretty much, even though their stories contradicted each other badly.

We laugh about it now just a shame he’s got a record now

even though they started it he got a fine and found guilty of common assult x2
Here in Arizona there is no self defence law which means if I decide to rob an old man and he brakes my arm with his cane in self defense, I can sue him even though I tried to rob him. Its who ever gets hurt more in the situation will win the case…NOW THATS BULLSHIT!

Thats why me and my friends always say you have to shoot and kill the S.O.B. then they can’t sue you. :eek: :bigsmile:

The laws in the UK are a bitch aswell, the two guys who started the fight were left in a bloody mess whereas my m8 only had a mark on his back where he was punched which started the fight, his back was turned and the lad hit him (which is what started it), didnt matter to the court though :frowning:

It’s better now in UK, now we can batter f*ck out of somebody that is trying to rob your house, instead of getting arrested for assault, for defending your property. UK law usually protects the criminal which is a piece of shite, the criminal’s plays on this.
What you need is a big stick with nail’s in it and wrap it around there heads…!

Be warned (hehe)

Don’t you think it was a little more than self-defence if he was hit once and left the other two in a bloody mess?

Not really, you can leave somebody in a bloody mess with one well aimed puch to middle of the face, my mate just happened to use his foot :slight_smile:

That’s what a local constable told my father to do if someone broke into the house.
Hit them with a frypan & they can end up with everything you own :frowning:

Location: Oz.

never have

Location: Oz.

They have laws in fairytale lands? :slight_smile:

Of course, except in Canberra, where the pollies hang out … Everything is legal there.
You can see it over the hills in the distance. The castle :wink:

That said, myself and my friends have never been on the wrong side of the law.
Well, at least we’ve never been caught :wink:

never had to…

Yes. Two of my friends are on the city police force, a lieutenant and a sargeant. Their advice: Never shoot to wound, you’ll either miss or the bastard will have enough vitality left to kill you. And if the shooting is justified in the first place, make damn sure you kill him so there’s only one version of events. No kidding.

What she said.

during 15 years in law enforcement I have testified in court more times than I can remember.

Nope never had to.