Testers needed for DVD backup utility



Hi all,

I don’t know if this is the right place to post this (and I hope the forum rules allow this) but…

I need some testers for a DVD backup utility that I’m working on - to both help test and suggest features and also as a general query to see if this kind of software is of any use to anyone.

It’s primarily designed to make backups of large amounts of uncompressible material - audio/video files, zips, compressed image formats etc onto DVDs. Some key features:

  • The original file structure is maintained on the discs, so files can simply be read directly off without the application.
  • Files are not split across discs (the side effect of this is that it cannot back up files larger than 4.3 GB).
  • Backups can be interrupted and resumed.
  • Individual discs in a backup set can be re-written, if the files are still in the original locations.
  • Verification and re-writing of bad discs during backup.

The reason I wrote this is because I have about 2 TB of mostly static media files that I wanted to backup to data DVDs. I just wanted pretty much simple, direct copies of the data without messing around with proprietry formats, split files and all that, so that if one of the drives failed I could just copy any files that I couldn’t retrieve directly off the discs. I did a few searches and tried a couple of programs: Nero 6 BackItUp (failed a verification after writing 17 of 56 discs and then simply aborted the backup!), BackUpMadeSimple (increeeeedddddibly slow, managing 1 disc every 45 minutes, and none of them turned out to be readable anyway) and nothing else seemed to fit the bill.

Some caveats though:

  • It’s written in Microsoft Access 2002 (XP), so you’ll need that installed. Access 2003 should work as well.
  • It uses NeroCMD. I’m running Nero 6, so I don’t know how well it’ll work with 7. I might change it to use something like NeroCOM at some stage but it’s too much for my brain to handle right now.
  • It’s alpha software at best, so there’s not a lot of error checking in it. That’ll be added as it develops.

If this kind of software fits the bill for you and you’d be interested in helping me test it, drop me a mail.


Moderators, is this post within the rules?? I suppose not!!!

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I read the rules before I posted thank you, but this isn’t really an advertisement for products or services - I’m looking for (alpha) testers, I’m not trying to sell something.

If the moderators consider that this post is against the rules then I apologise, and if it is possible, please move it to a more appropriate location or delete?