Testers badly wanted!

I would love to see registered users test our chat:


All you have to do is to click the URL, click yes and you are in our chatroom.

Please click yes when the applet is loaded, this is just a Java permission to be able to connect to the IRC server.

For now it probably won’t work with users that have a space in their nickname or nicknames that start with a number, all others should be fine…

Yes, do it. Why? Just look at my sig :wink:

Indeed , doesn’t work here , continous time out operations.

Crashes in Opera 6.04 browser… (yes java add-on is installed).

But it did work for you in IE !

hmm…what about the Bogazas (???) applet that is asking to be installed???


oh…it is the java applet…

Well it works fine in I.E, no problems :slight_smile: - good work DoMiN8ToR, but a proper IRC client is definitely preferable in general.

It is, but hopefully this will make it easier for people with less internet experience to join our chat. A few of you joined and tested, thanks for that, It’s bedtime over here, so I’ll go to sleep, Maybe tomorrow some more people will join and come chat with us.

It’s just a lot faster then a forum and a good place to get to know some new people !

hmmm…having a little trouble conecting.

Doesnt seem that popular, only 5 users on right now

Worked without a hitch in IE6.

Originally posted by FlyingDutchman
Doesnt seem that popular, only 5 users on right now

Current visitors are mostly European, and they are asleep when you were visiting (that was like 4 am for us Europeans).

Personally I always visit after work (usually when having diner in front of the PC :wink: )

glad to hear i am not the only one who eats in front of his computer while chatting

Working great Domi!
Only ‘bug’ I’ve discovered is that one can’t WHOIS himself…
Not that I whois myself that often… Most of the time I know where I am… :slight_smile:

damnit…do not work when I’m at work :frowning:

Probably the firewall or something blocks me…

Still no IRC at work, better do somethin useful instead then :wink:

Originally posted by OC-Freak
better do somethin useful instead then :wink:

I could say something, but I won’t :wink:

Company firewall won’t let me connect…

Dosen’t load on my home PC… I’ll bet i need Java Virtual Machine (stupid microsoft too lazy to package with XP) I’m also interested in a good IRC client, any ideas?

IRC client = mIRC

Works great for me…but there are others

Originally posted by Da_Taxman
…but there are others

Never noticed :bigsmile: