Tested two New DivX encoders



Mostly, I Capture, Edit, and Burn everything because I hate those long multi-pass VBR encoders. My output to CD is normally VCD or SVCD. Capture is from PVR (Personal Video Recorder) or from firewire card. Editing and remux is done with TMPGEnc Plus or similar, burn with Nero. I love this time saving technique even with my DVD backups and lots of media from Satellite broadcast. It takes only 45 minutes to an hour to produce the SVCD in NTSC or PAL. For quality, I use two 700Mb CD-R,s. For better compression, I decided to take a look at DivX. Here’s two products I’ve tried.
[Dr DivX]
These guys are too busy for my liking. The software is $49 but if you already have registered DivX they promise you a discount coupon to knock off $20. For all my trying I’ve yet to get this coupon. Using the trial software, I succesfully made one DivX copy from ripped .vob files (took two CD-R,s though and six hours of encoding. My second attempt gave me a DivX file looking down “Jason’s” nostrils. The video came out highly magnified. Reallllly close and personal - useless. So I’m 50-50 with Dr Divx and I sure would’nt bite for $49.
This one has me feeling used and ripped off. I paid $37 for this sham. The software is a 2MB file and the Instructional is 11Mb. Running the software, encoding halts when audio goes silent, i.e. the guy stops talking, car suts off, ect. and who knows what. The instructional says that when yopu get this ‘no audio to support video’ popup, just hit ‘OK’, no biggie. Hell-uf-a biggie !!! You have to stay up all night during the encode so,s you can hit ‘OK’. What a joke, if it’s no problem, then why halt the encoding ??
You have little or no control on output file size and everything except VCD is two large (over a gigabyte). My first DivX (with DivX Pro selected through this app) was a washed out garble of crap. Even a simple VCD is taking over 10 hours to encode, and will take two two disks as well. This is clearly a waste of good time and money, avoid it like the plague !! Call it , DVD COPY PYRITE, that’s right, ‘fool’s gold’. They clearly feel guilty because the commercial website has all these ‘testimonials’ to suck you in but they give you lots of stuff you can get free on the Web as compensation.
Hope this has save my good club members some dough, see ya.


Thanks for that.

A simple DVD to DivX is Vidomi (www.vidomi.com). It simple, fast and free. Just uses what ever DivX/Xvid codec you have installed. Check out the Tutorial section also on how to use it.


Went there, did that. Thanks for the lead. Will give it a turn. Mean while …
Found another technique by experimentation, i.e. rip the DVD into .vob,s - demux with VOBrator (extract video)- TEMPGEnc to Mpeg2 (encode video)- TEMPGEnc demux .vob for .ac3 (audio) - TMPGEnc Simple Mux resulting .mp3 and .ac3 to SVCD. Results are astounding but … audio is lagging by half a second or so. Working on it (BeSweet no help, TMPGEnc audio lag adjustment works, almost, drop outs) …
P.S. Love that funky chicken !!! Thanks Mod:bow: