TESTED: Backup Teleatlas DX 2007 2008

Salut (in Frensh) ! :flower:

Many years ago when you buy some vinyls dics you could copy in a tape recorder. It was veru fun for playing also Pink Floyd, Jimmy Hendrix, Peter Frampton on yoour car radio tape. :bow:

Nobody on my friends or relation people does copy vinyl discs for commercial deal.:cop:

But il was a good way to preserve the original quality of vinyls fragil discs.

The Cd appears in year 1983 and later cd games Dvd. But the protection system was make to the "pretexte"that people must’nt do ilegal copy.

In the same time it was’nt possible to back up your cd or dvd: if you smash anyway, you must buy another.:eek:

When i do install my Navi + GPS system on my car i buy a very expensive original teleatlas travelpilot DX. Almost 120 $ :a

And i wanted only backup it to preserve my original CD :slight_smile:

Tow month Later i begin to try : many forums, many methods, and many cd in the dubstins.

But today i do it successfull ::smiley:

  • Samsung Tsp TH 162 L DVD RAM R+ R- 16x 16x
  • Verbatim 700 mb 80 mn 52 x cd
  • Teleatlas Travel pilot dx France 2007 2008
  • Clone CD
  • Daemon tool lite
  • Safedisk 3/4 special profile

You must :

  • stop reading cd with shift touch
  • make teh image with clone cd with appropriet profile speed 1X
  • mount with daemon tool (all otions atived)
  • copying direct with clone cd speed 1X

You can find the selected an ppropriet profile in a forum in Poland ( but i could give it also…)

Ciao Ciao

This burner can burn CD at 1x???

Salut !

I 've got the lastest firmware for my DVD RAM

I always selected: 1 x in Clone Cd

@ + Laurent

PM: the profile for 2006/2007 is’nt the same as 2007/2008.

Maybe you enligthen us with the new clonecd profile :flower:

Salut !

Always select 1 x read and write
Mount img with Deamon tool active all options
Select direct copy (no temp image)

[CloneCD WritePrefs]
MAX Write Speed=706
Fix EFM Error=1
Burn RMPS on Disc=0
[CloneCD ReadPrefs]
MAX Read Speed=65535
Skip Read Error=1
Fast Skip Read Error=1
Read SubChannel Data=1
Read PreGap Area=1

I 'll post today later the exact and détail version of my Navi cd



Le profil special safedisc 3/4 ou peut-on le récuperer ???

Welcome PabloPicassou,

you probably recognized that the ‘official cdfreaks language’ in this part of the forum is english so please use it and ask your question again :flower:


where can i find the special safedisk 3/4 profil ?

thx for yours reponses!!

[B][I]I recently bought a 2002 XKR Jag with alpine GPS Nav sys has an out dated 2002 nav DVD disk – drive located in the trunk - Does anybody know of a web site I could obtain a updated DVD for this system?? Dealers say its expensive $600.00 for this one DVD disk – The dealer ref me to search online says you can find one for $299.00. Haven’t found any web sites that off this upgrade yet … HELP ![/I][/B]

Hallo everybody. I posted on a similar discussion (Make a backup of your CD/DVD navigation disc), but this one is more specific about Blaupunkt Teleatlas, so I link it and hope will help you all:


I read about, that verbatin super azo and Pioneer DVDr 106D Burner can make a Possible Copy of my Teleatlas disk.
can some one confirn this.
i know that i must use Clonecd or Alcohol 120.
But i will be sure before i buy this Disks for nothing else fun.
i have a Pioneer 106D and Liteon slintype 8515s

sorry for my ENGLISH, i am a German guy.