Test your swedish!

Yeah, I know what you mean ; I recently visited a Swedish forum. One of the topics was: the most ugly language in the world. Hell, everybody voted for either Dutch (Hey DoMiN8ToR; please show who’s in charge) or Danish :a . Well, a few with guts (and no relatives in Finland) voted for Finnish. Anyway, I’d say you Swedes envy us. :bigsmile:

ok. hughsa isad a ssafasfau afap whi dsfts… there… well that wot it sound like

You have cheaper beer…

ok i know what it says :confused: but i wont give it away i will keep it to me self afterall, that is what you requested is it not :wink:

From what I’ve heard it won’t last for long. Thanks to EU, your government will reduce taxes with 40% on Alcohol. I’m not a big fan of EU but sometimes they do exercise commonsense. :wink:

They’ll only reduce the tax (wich is now something like 4/5 of the total price) for liquor not beer or wine. I want cheaper beer! now!

Perhaps there’s a connection between BeeR/Alchol prices and Car prices. What I mean is, that in Denmark we can’t afford to buy a car, but the BeeR is cheap. That way there won’t be any drunk drivers. In Sweden it’s quite the opposite but with the same result, at least before they reduce taxes on alcohol.

A workaround for your problem could be to take you Volvo/Saab (very nice cars, but unaffordable in Denmark) and take a trip to Denmark to get the goods. However, I strongly advise you to avoid Helsingør, the BeeR’s around there are heavily overpriced. It’s a real evil city that feed it self by fooling Swedes. Of cause if you live north of Stockholm the distance might be a little to long. However you could always enjoy the beauty of the Swedish countryside while driving. :bigsmile:

You silly, you are allowed to take 110 liters of tax-free beer into your country!
I am only allowed to take 2 liters of beer into the heaven of smugglers.
Sweden earns an X.XXX.XXX.XXX,- amount annually on border-trade to this “idealistic” country…

@beer dog: germany: cheap beer and cheap cars.
(too bad i don´t like germany, i would´ve moved there :wink: )

I once saw something on tv that in some scandinavian country one could buy a tin of concentrated beer, and you could use that to brew beer in your bathtub.

Yes and that better not change! Do not join the EU!

Guess how close the border I live :smiley:
All your money are belong to us! Muaha!

what can i do with dutch or swedish? - completely exotic lingos :confused:

it’s a shame tho that an entire continent, not just a country, (OZ) does not have it’s own language.

I’m not saying it’s anybody’s fault, it’s just too bad

wrooong thought! - Aboriginal (~50 flavours) and redneck-english are the true native lingos here and you wont understand even one damn word.

Shit, eh? :slight_smile:

Okay, don’t get mad :slight_smile:

redneck english is still english, just dialect so that does not count IMHO,
aboriginal however, point taken :slight_smile:

dialect? - Ok, a dialect you wont comprehend as non Aussie… :smiley:

Well, if it is up to me, we will never join! :cop:
But then, I have among the longest drives in Norway to get to Sweden. :iagree:

[Teasing mode] That’s what the Swedes said before they ran into financial trouble [/Teasing mode] :wink:

Me? I always voted no, but I’m afraid it didn’t help much. However, I recall 1992 as a year of victory, when we voted no to the Maastricht treaty :slight_smile: . Later that year our minister of foreign affairs, which was a passionately EU/ Maastricht supporter showed his sense of humour. In an interview, he was asked of what he meant about the Danish victory in the European football championship. His only comment was: If you can’t join them, beat them. :bow:

As a little addition, I can tell that less than one year later we voted yes. If the result had turned out different, we would properly still be voting about that damn treaty. :Z :smiley: