Test your swedish!



Since its fashionable and I am a copycat… :stuck_out_tongue:
Translate this if you can. But dont give it away if you know.

Tre knarkare skuttade glatt över motorvägen tills de blev överkörda av en polsk lastbilschaufför.


something about a polish busdriver ?


Mr B. is both fast and clever.


The only words I know in Sweedish are:

Élsking (or something like that), and some nasty swears! :wink:


Let me guess. It’s about a polish busdriver holding a purple dildo in his hand while singing gay songs?


RH you may be fast but you’re a very bad guesser :stuck_out_tongue:


You have right. Thinking of you in one of your personal moments isn’t guessing. :iagree:

Let me guess another thing: You got the polish busdriver scene by one of your endless possesion of porn movies, right?


It means that three drug addicts were rushing over the highway, and hit by a polish truckdriver. (I assume his truck, and not that he hit them himself…)


i no borkish, hey airhead’s google :slight_smile:


is it /swedish accent on* “go to sweden in da volvo” /swedish accent off*


are vikings from norway or sweden or both?


Something about naked women, purple dildo’s and a weird Polish busdriver and his truck… how far off am I??


Tre knarkare skuttade glatt över motorvägen tills de blev överkörda av en polsk lastbilschaufför.

Three crickey ski-teachers slide over a car until a brave polish busdriver stops them !

I win? :slight_smile:


Ok here’s my translation, In Danish however.

Tre stofmisbrugere hoppede glade over motorvejen indtil de blev kørt over af en Polsk lastbilschaufør.

No they are from Denmark :slight_smile:


oh, when i in norway they where saying about the vikings and stuff. i think they are from all those counterys.


I saw that movie last night, it was on the spice channel :slight_smile:


Hell, they only want to sell merchandise. :bigsmile:


cool. me got plastic viking hat and plastic sword.


LOL :bigsmile:


Kloms and Beer_dog is correct (but also they were cheating :p). Mr B is not so correct but made an honest effort.
I must say beerdogs translation makes me laugh. Danish is funny! :slight_smile:

I guess it was hard for our dutch friends since I used a bit of slang.

Btw, anybody know here know Welsh? Would make an excellent thread…