Test tool for just normal movie DVDs

I have found a number of tools to test teh qulity of DVD-RW and other writable media. But… was wondering if there is some nice utility to just check the qualiity of a purchased DVD movie or CD.

I’m not sure really why I want this… but I have a few movies and audio CDs that are a bit shakey, with scratches and stuff.

I was thinking it might be cool to “scandisk” and get all my current errors, or at least a “score”. And then try difference cleaning methods, and see what cleaning methods are better.

So, looking for a DVD/CD quality test tool for read only media.

I did find one in Plextool Professional, but I was just wondering if there is anything else out there.


nero has a tool that does this - i think. i cannot remember what it is called. ohhh - in cd/dvd speed, after you put a disc in - you can run scandisk on it and check for readability errors.