Test The Software First



The latest dvd platinum update ruined my software,getting alot of writting error,it was working fine before,i would strongly suggest that you people test the software properly before you rush out and release it to the public.


I fix it,by unistalling dvd platinum and reinstalling the software again,then register the software again with the key patch that i had,then i try to burn with a sony rewritable,and it work,then i try my sony - r and it work fine.
Prior to this, when i updated the new software on the old version of dvd platinum i ruined around 5 sony - r disc.for now it is working.


I thought i fixed it by uninstalling and reinstalling the software,but i keep on getting error,where i am ruining my disc,it was working perfect before the last update.



Could you please write to VSO Software (responsible for the burning engine) using this form http://download.vso-software.fr/vsorep.exe. (include perhpas a link to this forum in the message)

If in fact nothing has changed on your computer or with your burner since the update of the software and you are still using the same media you were with the previous version, it is possible that something is wrong with the burning engine update (despite the fact that VSO has not recieved specific complaints for this issue).

With your help and others (if here on forum and experiencing the same thing) by writing to VSO, the faster and we may be able to collect this information that could potentially find a solution, if it is in fact the update that caused the problem.

Thanks in advance.


The version was working fine,now and then you get a good copy after ruining 5 disc with the last update, that is what that caused the writting erros on my computer,and they don’t keep older version of the software at the website where a person can uninstall the and replace it with the older version,there is a reason why they keep on updating the software,because itis not perfect,some version of the software work good on some computers and others it does not,everybody computer function different with different version of the software.


did you write to vso? please do,



Send me an email with the following:

Your CDFreaks user name and a link to this thread.

dvdfab_burn.log and dvdfabexpress_burn.log
A Nero burn log showing a burn to the same brand media with the same writer and the same DVD files that DVDFab fails to burn.

Send email to: portmac(at)vso-software.fr, replace (at) with @

Also submit a request using http://download.vso-software.fr/vsorep.exe, in the “Your Message” box just put ATT:Ken and a link to this thread so I know who it is from.


3 Days and no contact, I take it you do not have any onging problems mangoe


I am not going to waste time sending burn log report,and a whole bunch of other stuff,I have the platinum software,i went through the back door or using another route to solve my problem,by converting the vts files to iso image on the hard drive,and use dvd fab gold to burn the image.
Sinc the software is havimg problem burning the vts files since the last update.



I have had no problems with any updates and am now running Has DL glitch been fixed. I meant to do some experiments and send the logs but had to go in the hospital.



I am not going to waste time sending burn log report,and a whole bunch of other stuff,I have the platinum software,i went through the back door or using another route to solve my problem,by converting the vts files to iso image on the hard drive,and use dvd fab gold to burn the image.
Since the software is having problem burning the vts files since the last update.I will waite for future updates of the burning engine to see if i can burn successsfully with the vts files.So far i am getting the job done using a different technique.


The way you are burning is probably wasting more time. The burn logs help developers make changes to newer versions.



It will also assist them to iron out whatever bug has been causing your problems mangoe.

If VSO is able to duplicate your problem then they can correct it for subsequent releases. However, if you don’t help them to help you, you may be waiting a very long time indeed for whatever bug is causing you problems to be fixed. Indeed, if they don’t know what it is, the only way in which it will ever be fixed is by accident.


Hi mangoe,

Please send the burning log files, to help VSO and to help all DVDFab customers, thanks.

Best Regards,


A lot of times the new version sucks, but still I update it everytime… I wasted a lot of discs before I decided to reinstall
I think its best to only update when you run into a problem, you know… if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


A good way to update is to set a restore point before the update. I usually do all the updates and have not had any problems with and really looking forward to version 3.0 because fengtao has promised some new tools with more options. I found that Freedom Land has FS on one layer and the WS on the other layer, so I just did main movie on a SL TY disc then did other version main movie on another SL TY disc at total cost of $.50.



Hello all,
I have the SAME EXACT problem that “mangoe” stated here 4 weeks ago.
I will do anything to please fix this issue!!
I also updated to version
and my software was also working perfectly fine until I updated
I am also using the same burner, the same media, etc. that was working fine before. There are no other problems with my computer.
The only reason I chose to update, was to copy Underworld Evolution.
I no longer care about that movie, I JUST WANT MY WORKING SOFTWARE BACK!
Should I unistall and reinstall the update again?
I am willing to send emails to whoever, but I am a newbie, and have no clue where to find any burn logs on my computer.


Hi Panicjill,

Glad to hear you are willing to help. You will find your log file here c:\dvdfab_burn.log and/or

See post 7 (by Portmac) to see what and to who you should send this information too.

Thanks in advance.