Test the new Smartburn 2.1

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Thanks for the update. :bigsmile:

I still con’t get any Info from the discs in my 48125w.
I tried ver2.0 and now 2.1 and it’s a no go.
It used to work under WinME, but since I have XP SP1 it doesn’t work anymore.
btw, I’m using ASPI v4.71

Does anyone have an idea on how to get it working again?


It has nothing to to with the ASPI drivers.

It was working for me in XP even without any ASPI drivers installed.

XP only had the ones installed by NERO by default.

what different between 2.0 and 2.1 :confused: :confused: ???

Maybe update more media ???

Yeah, they have updated the info of the ATIPs in their database.

can anybody help me to get it working?

Hi Viper_1905, do you have CloneCDs ‘Hide CD Media’ running in Systray? What burning software is installed?

What error does smartburn give you ???

CloneCD’s Tray v4.0 is running but the “Hide CDR Media”-Option is not active.

I have Nero v5.5.9.14, CloneCD v4.01.10, BlindWrite, Fireburner v2.17, WinOnCD v5, BurnatOnce, DaemonTools v3.20, CDMate, ClonyXXL v2006, IsoBuster, VCDEasy, WinISO v5.2, CDMage v1.02.1 b5 installed.

It doesn’t give me any errors, the window just turns red any displays “unknown” for all options.

Hmmm, I have the same Nero, CloneCD and CD Mate. I don’t know much about the others but do any of them have in their options something to ignore the type of media, Daemon Tools?? Something is preventing Smartburn 2.1 from reading the ATIP.

Everything seems to be normal.

I have Nero, CCD4, EZCD, DirectCD & Feurio installed, SmartBurn works properly.