Test Sony, Verbatim, Fortis-TYG02, Imation

I did my first 5 tests,
Granted that I do not know yet well interpret the results.
What is the best scanning? The reading was done with a liteon 1673s.
-Fortis TYG02


Hi Mark II, thanks for posting those scans but they don’t fit the rules and format for the Blank DVD Media Tests subforum, so I am moving them to the Blank Media (parent) forum. :slight_smile:

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Thank you and sorry for the mistake.

Stay away from the Fortis TYG02, these are early Taiyo Yuden FAKES from Optodisc. I would also avoid the Imation MBIs.
The Sony are good though :slight_smile:

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I apologize again.

No need to apologise, it was easily fixed :slight_smile:

That MCC burn looks very similar to what I got using my 1693S/1673S.

I’m liking the Sony burn, not liking the Moser Baer burn. The Optodisc burn looks like what I get with the same media burned on more recent drives. The fake TYG02 burn could have been much worse, but still recommend staying away from it.

I wanted to understand the PI ERRORS of these two scannings. Verbatim (435) and Sony (19). In the scannings it is better to have a high value or low?


Is the Sony MIJ or MIT or MIM?


What are MIJ,MIT,MIM?

The lower the better.

MIJ = Made in Japan
MIT = Made in Taiwan
MIM = Made in Malaysia

MIJ = Made in Japan
MIT = Made in Taiwan
MIM = Made in Malaysia

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Everything should be as low as possible.

There are some ECMA standards that set limits for maximum PIE and PIF when scanning in a properly calibrated drive, and even though our consumer drives are not calibrated for scanning, we use these limits anyway.

PIE should not be higher than 280 per 8 ECC blocks
PIF should not be higher than 4 per 1 ECC block

There’s much more to disc “quality” than PIE/PIF scans, so it’s dangerous to assume that everything is fine just because a PIE/PIF scan is within these limits. Even if PIE/PIF are outside these limits, the disc might still be readable in a lot of drives.

I don’t know which type of sony is. These are in a pack whit 5 colored dvd.The model of dvd is sony accucore. Which is the better between MIJ, MIT and MIM?


Where are the Sony DVDs made? Japan? Taiwan? Malaysia?

I have had good results made in Japan Sonys…


So I understand that the IP failures is good (3)
But poor quality because of too many yellow segments, I understood correctly?

So it is not recommended the Fortis Optodisc?

That scan doesn’t look to be bad, and is typical Optodisc. If it performs anything like my Optodisc [distributed by Imation], I’d say you can safely use it in day-to-day use. :iagree: