Test results, which drivers can?

is there any list with all avaible drivers/burners who can do this kind of tests?

Is there any difference in reliability of results or all give good reports?

Any recommended model?


Are you wanting to know what drives can do error testing? First off, don’t get a dvd-rom for error testing. The results are not reliable. If you want a burner specifically for error scanning, I would sugest a liteon. Several people consider them the best for scanning since they support ecc 8/1 scanning. If you want the best burner that can also do error scanning, then maybe a benq or nec.
Here is the list of all supported drives though.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Are the benq 1610 or 1620 good for scanning? Ill be using then just for scanning since got a 3500 nec…

The site says my nec (3500) can do two of the tests, but i never managed to make it work.

If you already have a 3500 (thats a great burner by the way), I personally would buy a liteon (I think someone mentioned newegg has them for 40$ right now). I’ll let benq owners coment on the 1610/1620 (If you havent bought it yet though, you might want to consider the 1640 if you want to go with benq).