Test Read-Write Errors for Optical Drives

I have found on my storage a bunch of my old PATA optical drives. Since i quit desktop i have been using a lot of laptops/netbooks and i am sure i can make use of them as external drives.

But how can i bench test them to see if they will still operate without any read/write errors.

The bunch consists of:

-Lite-On DVD-ROM
-Yamaha CD-RW
-Plextor CD-RW
-Plextor DVD-RW
-Pioneer DVD-RW

Maybe the Plextor, Nec and Pioneer DVD-RW drives are worth testing. I have a USB to SATA/PATA adapter but I found that it does not work reliably with all drives. Maybe you should look for something similar or for an external enclosure?

I have cables and adapters that not my issue. What i am asking is ways to test the hardware performance of the drives. Like hddtune checks for bad sectors on hard drives, what is there to check performance for optical ones

In reading tests I would use different disc types (like cd-r, dvd+r, dvd-r dl) for reading.
You can check if the drives are reading at full speed and also you can use cd-rw\dvd-rw for writing tests if you have any available.