Test of One-Click tools



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Look here for a test of One-Click tools:

In light of these tests a question to the DVD2One makers: Are you able to increase visual quality in the future or will you focus on other features?



In both tests they said that constant mode was used for DVD2One. I bet they would have gotten better results with DVD2One if variable mode was used for full movie.


You may be right. On the other hand, at least Gladiator comes as 2-disk edition. On one is pretty much only the movie IIRC, so “constant” compression should have been the right choice for this epic film.


Dunno–I had better results from Variable on that Gladiator/1-disk (Movie-Only).
Length/size does not seem to be a sole-criterion for choice of Con/Var…initial encoding and average bitrate (or bitrate variance) seem to have greater influence.
Wish I had more technical details…


Wish I had more technical details…

I wish I had a preview… :slight_smile:


I once ripped Signs (PAL) with DVD2One at the whole damn movie looks like it’s oout of focus.