Test dvd+rs without kprobe?

i burn a lot of dvds with my very good NEC ND-1100A (Dell).
no matter what media i burn, the result is readable and in all of my dvd-players just fine.
but now i want to test my media to know which media to avoid etc.
because of no liteon-drive i cannot use kprobe.
i heard that you normally prefer speed-tests with nero or dvdinfopro. now i did some of these dvd-tests with my nec (it’s my only dvd-reader): all media gave the same results, no matter of which manufacturer.
i attached a dvdinfopro-picture. all the other tests look the same.
8 different brands tested: all are between 3.49 and 3.53 as average reading speed, all have a nice line like the one below.

are all my medias just equal and fine?

is there another better to compare way to test my dvd+rs, especially important to me is durability?