Test: 22,000 users agree to clean toilets in exchange for free Wifi

Originally published at: http://www.myce.com/news/test-22000-users-agree-clean-toilets-exchange-free-wifi-82273/

More than 22,000 people have agreed on thousands hours of cleaning toilets on festivals and events, hugging stray cats and dogs, removing chewing gum from the streets and many other tasks in exchange for free Wifi.

I like this one…but how many hours of toilet squatting will it take to get a hour of free wifi?

That depends… are you using your own tooth brush to scrub them? I think that counts for extra.:smile:

The lick test sounds better… lmao…

Are you feeling thirsty, by any chance? I ask because I’ve got some *special* water for you… :slight_smile:

Same here I got some special dishes made just for ya on this occasion if you needing different nourishment.

You know what this potty talk really needs? Jokes about good old-fashioned beans. BTW, how’s your diet? Are you getting a healthy dosage of fiber?