Tescos own dvd+r

Has anyone tried out the tescos own brand dvd+r’s? And know what the media code is? Id imagine they would be cmc, but i could be wrong…

I’d guess maybe CMC. But you could be the guinea pig…:wink:

uhhh… i suppose i will have to be… i will have to think of something to do with them when i find that they are cmc… possibly frisbees, or a pretty wall decoration maby…

Test discs to see if your backups have been authored correctly. I tend to use my CMCs for everyday use though, since they’re not that bad. :slight_smile:

Just post some scans and make us happy.

I’ll tell you as soon as I burn this current TY. :wink: I’ve got some lying around from a couple of months ago, but quality was very variable. Their current -r…had two spindles of UME01 (without checking I think that’s it) that seem flawless and give great readable burns. A third spindle of the same was utter gash, but they have a no quibble replacement policy, so I got a good spindle after I tested most of that spindle bad in Qsuite. This MID seems to be pretty good, despite my BenQ1620 not having a dedicated write strategy! Seriously, I was amazed at the quality of the burns.
I’ll check the +r shortly.

Nice one, d_dog, it’ll be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

UME01…hmmm. If those were offered to me, I’d say no thanks. Just keep checking them periodically is my only advice. :wink:

That’s what I thought, but they give much smoother burns than the CMC tesco -r and playback great on my compacks player. Nobody was more surprised than me, but as I said, I did test and reject one of the spindles as it was utterly appauling!
Ok, just about to scan my last TY burn and I’ll hunt out some recentish tesco dvd+r. Give me a little time.

whey that saved me a few quid… cheers d_dog :slight_smile:

Hehe, no rush :)…and remember, Ritek G05 gave superb scans before deteriorating rather rapidly. :wink:

Doing a 4X scan on a tesco +r right now. MID code is AML 002…? Disk may have been mishandled, as I cleaned the dust off on my t-shirt. I’ll do at least a further scan on a seperate disk that went straight in the folder. Unfortunately, these were just the only disks I had to back-up to at the time when my Ritek were failing, and I used them only for reburning stuff that didn’t fill the whole disk.

Problem was, when I first got the two spindles, they were coastering nearly every time. I upgraded my firmware from P to W, and I started getting credible burns! Ok, this was burned at 4X. Heres the quality scan coming up. (By the way, the -r UME01 media does NOT burn at 8X, but it seems to be almost perfect at 4X. I’m keeping an eye on the longevity… ;))

Scans at 4x, burned at 4x.

PIF look okay actually, but PIE are way too high. I wonder whether these degrade…

I too would wonder about the longevity of those. I wouldn’t trust AML002 either, but there are some on here who like them :slight_smile:

Thanks for the scans, and letting us know the MIDs, d_dog :slight_smile:

yep… cheers for that… another batch to stay well away from :slight_smile:

Afraid I just posted my second quality test on these disk in the wrong thread. I was reading around whilst waiting. Have edited.

EDIT: Different disk burnt on the same day on same burner. I’m all out of this media to do a full 4.5 burn, but this does give an idea of how they are read on my burner.

Good read curve, and the PIF’s are within spec for a BenQ read. I’ll still be reburning these to TY. shrug

The PIFs may be within spec, but the PIEs… :eek:
Let’s stay away from Tesco’s DVD+Rs. If it were CMC, at least… :rolleyes:

All of the Tesco DVD-R and DVD+R near me are Made in Hong Kong - put me off right away! :bigsmile:

Hi :slight_smile:
Would anyone expect quality media from Tescos’. Are you mad! :bigsmile: