Tesco media and phillips drive

is it possible for tesco disks not to work in certain drives, im having problems with tesco dvds, ive got a PHILIPS DVD±RW SDVD8820

It’s very likely for Tesco media not to work in many burners.

Replace with something decent like Verbatim & stay well away from own-brands.

lol, i bought some a month ago, i’ve not tried them yet, but for 3 for a £1 = 33p each your cheaper to but verbatim as TimC has suggested

BJ what were you thinking of? :bigsmile:

as [B]Arachne[/B] says, “a blone moment”, just to see what they were, then i came home and searched on here :doh:

only 1 packet i may add :bigsmile:

i just bought sone sony discs are they any good? never heard of verbitim ones. I dont know what dive my friends got but he seems to be able to burn on any chep crap without any problems, anyway i hope he sonys are alright

this is an example of the verbatims



So whats the opinion on sony dvd disks then?

Probably OK and sure to be better than Tesco’s own.

On the high street PC World, Staples & Maplins all stock Verbatim media.

thanks for the advice