Terror groups move into pirated DVDs as profits overtake drugs

I just posted the article Terror groups move into pirated DVDs as profits overtake drugs.

According to an article on the UK website the Guardian are terror groups moving to DVD piracy
instead of selling drugs. Reason for this, is according to a report that has
been published…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8699-Terror-groups-move-into-pirated-DVDs-as-profits-overtake-drugs.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8699-Terror-groups-move-into-pirated-DVDs-as-profits-overtake-drugs.html)

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Sounds like a scare tactic. In the U.S., if I understand it correctly, Homeland Security can hold someone indefinitely without legal protections if they suspect terrorist activity, so does this mean anyone that copies a DVD is a potential terrorist? Sounds fishy to me.

I’d say it’s more like propaganda than a scare tactic. What with the US’ War on Terrorism™ since 9/11, then it would make sense (from a political point of view) to say that by purchasing pirated DVD’s then you’re funding terrorism. As I see it, this is probably not the case. Downloading a movie for free from a P2P network is not funding anyone. Buying a dodgy copy of a movie from a garage sale is probably only funding the seller who either downloaded the movie for free themselves or copied it from a friend.

Waitaminit. Isn’t file sharing destroying the movie industry? Why pay for it (even at pirate prices) when you can download it for nothing? I guess all we need to do is sit back, let these terrorism groups try to sell DVDs instead of drugs. When no more funds come in (becuase of file sharing!) and they disband, we all relax as we live in a drug-free, terrorism-free, MPAA approved world

Crimminal groups will always be in for the minimal cost/risk high profit schemes why should we believe terrorist groups would be any different. While I realise most of it is a beat up, what really lost me was the "A kilo of dvds is worth more than a kilo of mary jane resin…somehow I just can’t imagine some shaky prick hanging about the mouth of an alley in subdued light waiting for itchy and scratchy to come along for their dvd fix…:X

Oh … all right … up to this point, I always thought the only ‘real’ terrorist groups were the movie and music industry themselves … :B

Sherrif got it right on the nose. The profit margin just can’t be enough to finance a terrorism campaign. I think that someone has to tell these people that they are buying guns, missiles and bombs, not nice cars and chunky gold chains If the likes of the BBC and CNN have been right over the past 20-30 years (and I think they know there stuff) these people grow the stuff and then sell that on to major suppliers to refine and flog lower down the drug chain. The world financial climits may have changed over the years, but I still think that opium poppy fields would still bring in more money than a truck load of dodgy DVD’s

Between pirates download from the internet and terrorists dealing pirated DVD on the streets I think we should take up a collection for the poor folks in Hollywood that are going broke from this illegal activity. Maybe a concert like Farm Aid would help. :wink:

It’s easy to see there aren’t many businesspeople in the audience. Overhead costs are what keep IP piracy competitive with narcotics as a funding source for terrorists. Illicit drugs require large tracts of land to grow in large quantities- with the attendant security and labor force; even an industrial size optical disc duplicator can be fit into a small apartment or office- and operated by a handful of people. Every country in the world tries to crack down on ‘hard drug’ trafficking- meaning lost shipments every once in a while and/or major payouts to government officials; emerging markets in south and east Asia are in de facto denial about Western IP law- officials will look the other way or require smaller bribes than for drugs. Gee, make $100 for $95 of work, or make $15 for $5 worth of work?

that’s 100 dollars for 95 dollars of work or 15 dollars for 5 dollars worth of work.

This’ll be complete bollocks, no doubt. It seems to be a tactic in the USA to label undesirable pursuits as terrorist supporting - remember the “cannabis feeds terrorism” campaign?

is this comment from the same clowns who gave us the weapons of mass destruction crap!

Ok btspm…you’ve never heard of hydroponics, most “sites” (and I ain’t talking acres here) go down because of operator error or they’re lagged…besides the drug trade has gone on for so long because it only effects us grunions (scumbags get rich of our misery) and it does boost the black economy. The authorities (or those paying them) see piracy as an obvious threat. So as I read it, this is both a copout and an empty threat. It will justify them putting more resources into perceived piracy and it will be tacit admission that they were never able to halt the drug trade anyway…there’s ya tax dollar at work…:X

Sherrif- I don’t think they mean FARC when they talk about terror groups. Sure, complex temperature and humidity controlled facilities are used by the cartels because that’s their main business and they’ve gotten damn good at it. But in Afghanistan, the poppy fields are most definitely large, outdoor affairs. And Al-Qaeda is not going to marry themselves to those fields in a country where air-mobile US infantry is less than a half-hour away. I’m not saying they will wholeheartedly embrace IP piracy, but it’s got to look attractive compared to exposing their people and resources for an easy take-down and PR victory for the West. And Interpol is the last agency that would put this out as a gimmick. Ask any real cop in the world and he’ll tell you a drug dealer is a better bust than a DVD pirate any day of the week.

the biggest pirates out there are the movie makers themselves, you just have to take a look at the movie grosses (spiderman 2 alone has grossed $256,438,326 since opening) Tobey Maguires fee for this one movie was $17,000,000 and that is small fry for some of them like Tom Cruise who made over $100,000,000 from the Mission Impossible films. So just who is the pirate here.

Terrorism is being used as an excuse to get all kinds of things passed. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Now they are saying that if gay marriages are allowed, terrorists will just begin flooding into the country. Whether you are for or against it is one thing but how can they possibly relate the two?! Terrorism has become the communism of the 50s. When in doubt, just yell “terrorism” and you can get people to believe anything. Wake up!