Terribly slow burns w/ BenQ1620



Hi guys. I recently reformatted my Dell PC, and after doing so, my trusty BenQ1620 takes forever to burn a disc nowadays. Instead of ~7 mins @ 8X for a full disc, it takes 3-4x longer than that. What could the cause be? I’ve checked, and my drive is in UDMA2.

Cheers and thanks a million,



Are chipset drivers installed? What’s drives DMA mode in devicemanager.
Visit Dell homepage for manufacturer specific drivers.


Thanks for the reply, pinto! I installed chipset drivers and verified that my drive is in Ultra DMA Mode 2 in Device Manager. But I tried to burn a disc, a 1 GB MKV, and it took 10 mins; so, sadly, the problem persists.



Update: It turns out my drive was in PIO mode – my other drive was in UDMA2. I tried uninstalling the burner in DM then re-booting and manually setting it to “DMA, if available.” However, that didn’t fix the problem.

Do you have any more advice, pinto?

  1. try new cable or
  2. swap burner Master/Slave config around


I just solved the problem! Using Device Manager, I uninstalled both DVDRWs in addition to uninstalling both IDE channels. Following a reboot and a few minutes to recognize the hardware anew, the DVDRW was good to go!

Thanks pinto and mac for your help!!!