Terribly Pressed Discs

So…I’m just wondering - what causes PIF/PIE errors? Scratches? Smudges?

I have pressed DVDs that seem to be scratchless. this is its terrible scan

Which would you keep. The above with 2 million PIE errors or the one below?

If they both work, there’s no reason to get rid of either. Reading a pressed disc with such levels of digital errors isn’t always a problem, compared to reading burned discs.

But PIE/PIF come from anything which can cause a digital error while reading. You often cannot see the issue because it’s so tiny that it only affects the laser. In this case, maybe it’s a bad pressing, or maybe a mediocre disc construction.

(Digital errors can also be introduced as a result of some types of copy protection; physically altering the disc so computer drives have an issue when tasked with reading the entire disc. However, that doesn’t look like what you see here).