TERRIBLE question to ask here....hacks shorten lifespan?


I still have yet to put the new drive I got MONTHS ago into my 5005 (its drive FAILED after a few months), and have also yet to upgrade my 5006 with the ILO hack.

The 5006 is working, and has lasted months longer than the 5005 did.

I’ve been thinking of finally doing the hack to the 5006, so it can be region free and macro free, but a thought struck me…

Why has it lasted so much longer than the 5005 did? Is it at all possible that the hack could have done something weird to the burner in the '05, and shortened its lifespan?

Since I don’t have a regular desktop PC, I won’t be able to make the replacement drive for the 5005 region free, even when I do finally install it. It’ll still be macro free I guess, but I did really like the region free aspect too.

Now, I used the remote hack to change the 5006 to region free, but it’s not macro free…and I’m afraid. :iagree:

What if I finally make and use an upgrade disc on the '06, and a couple months later its burner dies? Even if the drive were to be replaced, I’m stuck without it being region free any more.

Has anyone given any thought to this possibility? That something goes wrong with the burners more often after they’ve been hacked?

I know…a terrible question to ask, but before I go and ruin a good thing, I just thought I’d ask. :stuck_out_tongue:

For what it’s worth, I hacked my 5005 right after I bought it in Nov 04 and it worked fine up to a couple of weeks ago when it decided it only liked +RW discs and nothing else. So the drive went 17 months without issue and with frequent use.

Changing the drive wasn’t difficult and now I figure I’ve got at least another 17 months.

Excess heat is more likely than a hack. When not in use is the machine turned off?

My 5006 sure is!

(Not sure about how I handled the '05.)