Terrible Experience with Easy Media Creator 7

I have good experience with EZ CD and DVD Creator 6. So I think the Media Creator 7 would be even more user friendly and with faster performance. However, I started installing it and re-installing it 3 hours ago and I’m still unable to burn a DVD.

It’s response is slower (instead of faster ) than creator 6 AND the Creator Classic just hang or quite itself everytime I try to burn a data DVD.:a

At last managed to burn data DVD twice on a DVD+RW but they all produce errors during verification. I reuse the disc to burn the same data, it only took half the burning time and produced no error.

The performance and reliability are just so poor compare to Creator 6. You better justify if you would require the additional features of Creator 7.

Who uses that CRAP anyway?!?
Bloated to hell, takes over 1 GB (!) HD space, very slow…in one word: Easy CD Cremator!

I really liked Roxio 6.x but 7.0 is even worst as far as installing and the skin is even heavier. It takes forever for the apps to be launched and it uses more memory.

To bad there are some nice features in v7, I would have liked to use it.

I’m fairly new to the club. Can someone answer me in a quick summary why Roxio/Easy CD ‘sucks’?

Does it burn well and reliably is all I care about…

Is Nero 5 the undisputed king as far as payware goes?
What does Nero Express not have in it?