Terratec or Creative

Which one brand would be better option for listening to music?

That depends! Here are some questions for you to answer first :slight_smile:

  1. What do you think to be a good price for such a card?
  2. Are there any other features you want or need?
  3. What OS are you using?
  4. What motherboard is there in your system?

Terratec :smiley:

Well i think that i am going for creative , after doing a little research about this.Sorry BoSkin :slight_smile:

Not a problem, 'coz I have my Terratec & feel myself happy w that choice. :wink:

Terratec DMX 6Fire 24/96 vs. Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum

TerraTec 6fire DMX vs. Creative Audigy Platinum eX

IMO, I think that your “little research” did not find the right answers… Creative is suited more for gamers than for audiophiles. For music, I’d follow Boskin’s advice: Terratec or, I add, M-Audio :p.



Oh no I am again at the beginning.I would like to hear more opignions about this.

Well, I have already expressed my opinion, but just want to add… if you are really interested in listening music, then the choice of your speakers is also important, unless you plan to connect your PC directly to an hi-fi system (of course also in this case the speakers are important, but you probably have them already! :bigsmile: )



Hey Boskin isn’t that card of yours a little bit to expensive solution for just listening to music? It is a professional card for making music or something

It’s a great card for reasonable price that suits my needs.

I am very happy with my Creative SB MP3+ card. Great for music and games, never had a problem yet.

Also, as stated already, speakers are very improtant, altec Lansing all the way IMO and Cambridge I would say is a runner up.

If I can add one more thing, in my case an important parameter in the choice of a soundcard is the analog-to-digital recording quality…

I have some old LPs (in particular a lot of Hendrix bootlegs :stuck_out_tongue: ) that are unavailable on CD, so for me it is really important to transfer them on CD with (almost) the best quality possible… If you just want to play sound, then probably the choice of the speakers is more relevant, provided that you have at least a decent soundcard… But if you want more, some brands like Terratec, M-Audio and others are excellent for D/A conversion.

It depends on your needs… but if you like music, the perspective of a very good audio capture of an old LP or cassette, together with the unlimited possibilities of audio editors available today, does not attract you? :wink:

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Is the quality of sound card also important for simple conversions such as when I want to store cd on my hard in high resolution wma files?

No, this has nothing to do with the soundcard… actually, you do not even need a soundcard for that task. :wink:


hi all
i just joined this site in the hope i might find some answers,i have bought a terratec 6fire 24/96 soundcard my problem is that it won’t play a cd in 5.1 surround sound it would seem i have two dead ports,i have changed the card but the problem remains,the speaker test is fine but it will still only play in stereo,i have downloaded the lastest drivers,terratec tell me it may be incompatable with my p.c but i can’t see it.
i am running windows xp,windows and terratec are configured to play in 5.1,can anyone help before i go mad


Audio CDs are stereo only. They do not have 5.1 recorded on them. Not sure if this answers your question or not.

X johnnsy:

The source has to be 5.1 to play back 5.1 !

for example if you play a mono track through a stereo audio card it will play on one channel, not on both.

To answer the original thread: Terratec all the way