Terminator 3

I have been trying to back up my copy of Terminator 3 with DVD Shrink. I can copy the whole disk to my hard drive, but the main movie does not have sound. What am I doing wrong? I also tried DVD Decrypter and CloneDVD with the same results. Any ideas? Thanks

No sound from PC (no decoder) or set-top player?

Just backed up my copy using DVD Decrypter> DVD Shrink> Nero .19
Works fine. Not trying to be funny, but have you make backups of others ?

It has sound on the last chapter only. I’m using Power DVD to watch it on my computer. I have made about 10 working DVD copys so far. One of which was Charlie’s Angels 2. I’ll just keep trying. Luckily I am just ripping to the HD and not making a bunch of high dollar coasters.

There are issues sometimes when some languages are not selected but since you are ripping the whole disc then I can’t this as the issue.

I’ve tried and I have tried and I could not copy it to my HD and watch it with PowerDVD with sound. On my last try, I copied the whole disk and then left for work. I forgot I was doing it. My wife saw that the screen said to insert blank DVD media, and being the good wife that she is, inserted a blank in. When I got home, she was watching the movie, with sound. The image is still on my HD with no sound. But the copy works fine. This is the only movie I have had trouble with, and I was not going to chance a coaster but my wife to care of that.Thanks

When you try playing the movie off the HD with PowerDVD, check what Audio stream its selected, it could be the DTS track.