Terminator 3 Trailer

Anyone see the Terminator 3 trailer? I guess they had it on one of those entertainment shows (the ones that make you watch 58 minutes of garbage before a 2 min trailer).

Well, it’s up on www.terminator3.com now.

I don’t know if the movie will be good, but I heard they are spending like 300 million on it. I’ll probably throw down the cash to see it, just cuz high-dollar action movies tend to be better than chick flicks.

A female Terminator??? C’mon I wanted Arnold to play a bad guy again, dammit!!! So what if he 60 or something, he still looks cool as a bad guy. Nice touch putting him in the same outfit as the first Terminator. Sigh this looks like another summer flick wiht lots of fire and action and not too many memorable characters. Gone are the days of really cool bad guys…