Terminator 2 Extreme Edition WMV

Hey, I’d like to be able to copy T2 in HD from the “Extreme DVD” edition onto my Hard Drive and watch it whenever I want (w/o having to go thru the license crap everytime and/or use the InterActual Spyware DVD player).

I’ve Google’d around, but from what I’ve seen is that most of the links are dead, and methods are outdated (having to use WMV 9? C’mon!). I’ve even used TuneBite but was most displeased when it totally screwed up my nVidia display panel and, thank god, had a system restore point right before. Oh yeah, and it didn’t work as advertised anyway.

If someone could help out, it would be most appreciated. Thanks!

Awesome, I too am looking for a way to watch this movie. It seems the license server is offline so the files are now unusable. Great support there hollywood. I realize the format is obsolete with blu-ray and whatnot, but that’s no excuse.

I’m ending my rant before I really get going…

It’s funny. I tried decrypting this w/ TuneBite and assumed it couldn’t acquire the license BECAUSE of TuneBite. So, apparently, the server is down and has nothing to do w/ firewall or software? If that’s the case, we need a working key, or workaround, STAT!

Anyway, I agree, broken: this is why I hate Blu-Ray and its’ “features” of having to go online to download them (just like the T2: Skynet Edition, from what I read). In just a few years time, your features will be rendered useless due to having to rely on some server to download from, which will be down in 6 months after release, and not being able to play it on your own disk at your own leisure. Pathetic! /rant