Terminator 2 Extreme Edition tip

I tried to do a movie-only backup of Terminator 2 Extreme Edition. There were 2 large angles to choose from, so I chose the largest one and the first subtitle. The copy would stutter every few minutes, and the subtitles were not what I expected - more like a commentary.
So, I did another movie-only copy and chose the smaller angle - got the same results. Even PowerDVD on my computer had the stuttering.
Lastly, I did a full-movie rip (about 8.5 GB), picked the 6 channel audio, and it plays fine with no stuttering.
I guess I could have saved 2 wasted dvd blanks by using a dvdrw first, but I’ve gotten spoiled by so many past successes.

M-o problem with Constant or Variable?

I used variable.
I tried it one more time in movie-only mode, choosing the 80-chapter angle, and no subtitles, and the copy came out fine. Something must be weird about the subtitle set I chose, even though it was the 1st set, it must be some kind of commentary, putting text above and below the screen, and even some arrows in some of the screens.

I have Power dvd xp and there is an option to play a dvd that is listed on your hd.
Then you can see if it works properly before you rape 2 dvd-r’s.
Just a tip but like you said you got spoiled by the succes in the past.