Termination Salvation to H264 backup



What to resize with… the disc has the movie spread over many small .m2ts files as does Hancock and to make matters worse Term.Salv. has the order randomised!

AnyDVD rips it fine to HD but what can you use to make a H264 of it around 5Gb?

I have used Handbrake on the Mac for regular DVD’s works great. I heard that Clown-BD or ToNMT UI can sort the file order from teh playlist and join the .m2ts files. I downloaded both pieces of software but I think I need a step by step breakdown on specifically how to use it … the software doesn’t have a obvious clean UI for this.

Thanks in advance! :smiley:


I haven’t really got into Blu-ray yet but check out Super.

It seems to do what exactly what you want and it’s free.



I’ve used ClownBD to get the order of the files straight and produce one m2ts file. It really isn’t hard to use once you get started.

I personally wouldn’t use SUPER for H264 conversion and compression to a smaller size. Though I have to admit I haven’t tried it in a while.

What output format do you want? .mkv or .mp4 perhaps? There are a number of different programs for this, including Ripbot 264, MeGUI, Handbrake, and even AviDemux.