Term used call cake book = box of discs?

Ok If there is an answer in the site for this question please slap me up side the head! But in price comparison the is a term used call cake book. I assume they are talking about a spindle of CDS but am not sure. Plus I want to view what members have home websites so I can visit them abd learn more. But the member list is blocked by the admin. How do I get this unblocked.

Cakebox = a box of 25/ 50/ maybe more of media. Either CD, DVD or if you have the cash Blu-ray.

The members list is disabled for everyone, including me. The reason is that it puts to much strain on the servers if quite a few people start looking through the list of 250,000 memebers. If you want to know who has a website then you will have to click on there name and then click the Homepage link there. Some members will have a link in there sginatures too.

Welcome btw.

A cakebox is type of bulk disc packaging usually consisting of a base, spindle and removable cover and is available in 10, 25, 50 and 100 count sizes.