Tennessee rejects RIAA mandatory fee to schools



I just posted the article Tennessee rejects RIAA mandatory fee to schools.

Over 180,000
students in Tennessee can rest easy knowing they will not be slapped with an RIAA music tax thanks to the Tennessee Board of Regents. The group rejected the idea of…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8248-Tennessee-rejects-RIAA-mandatory-fee-to-schools.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8248-Tennessee-rejects-RIAA-mandatory-fee-to-schools.html)

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At the RIAA’s pace, we should be able to start an accurate countdown of the days left til they fall flat on their face. They just don’t get it. Supporting a failing business model and going about change all the wrong way will only send them failing faster. FREE THE MUSIC


for once the board of regents have done something RIGHT! as a student down here - its about time they got off there corporate/beaurocratic a$$es and did something for us [students] rather than just giving us another fee; we currently have [technology fee, printing fee (which as of end of the semester now adds per-printing charge ontop of a semesterly fee), campus fee, “clean fuels fee”, among others that i have forgotten ALL ON TOP OF TUITION (not to mention that some classes (labs) have another added “facility FEE”)


freonchill -they need all that money for the football team!! :frowning: It’s about time someone did something about all these rising education costs. It is horrible.
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I wonder what kind of dirt someone has on the Board of Regents that would make them not take the RIAA’s dirty bribe money?


Univeristy of Tennesse alum in the house… GO VOLS So the Board of Regents decided to pull their collective heads out of their ass’ for once. Still doesn’t make up for some of the stupid shit they’ve pulled in the past but a step in the right direction for sure.


ten$$ a month…What a robbery…:d:d


I wonder how long till the RIAA does a raid because the protection money was not paid.


EGAD !!!..beaurocrats doing the right thing…good to see someone bitchslappin’ the RIAA…(even if it is only with a wet tram ticket)…:X


Damn it, I got so excited about the Board of Regents doing something right, I spelled both university and Tennessee wrong.:wink:


Looks to me like the RIAA’s efforts to educate the public are working. Of course if people get too much smarter about things the RIAA could be standing on the street corner with a hurdy gurdy - hee hee.


Oh my, the ballz of some people :r


States should go after the RIAA under the federal Organized Crime and Racketeering statutes that have been put in place. This is [U]obviously[/U] protection money. :r