Templates for trial runs of printing on DVDs?



Well I got my MP620 intalled and tried printing on 2 dvds.

Are people just printing on DVD’s to test prints? or are they using paper templates for experimenting?

I already tried printing on 2 DVD’s I have a feeling there will be alot more.

Also I have both CD-Label Print and Nero Cover designer are there some good tutorials for them? Do you suggest using one over the other?


The Canon software is far better than Nero. Get some cheapo CDRs for testing.


Thats great to hear because Nero seemed very confusing.


There’s a very good set of help files in the Canon program, well worth reading through.


Ok CDan and others I have a few questions.

I did read the files :slight_smile:

Ok Until I get my delivery of DVDs I purchased a 20 pack of Memorex printable DVDs this is before it was suggested I try with Cds :frowning:

Lesson learned I’m going out to buy Cd’s today.

If I were to buy Memorex printable Cds will they be the same printing area as the rest of my 20 pack of Memorex DVD’s? Asking because after I get the printed CD just right and if I save the file/template in CD-Labelprint can I go direct to my DVDs and assume it will print on the area the same way?

Also CD-Labelprint really doesn’t give a preview when I change the print postion. This is where you alter the image. If its to high or to low,to the left or right. Is the preview features just a basic rough idea of where the image might land?

The only true preview that really works is the “Adjust circle size”

Since I’m so new to this I have only Cdcovers.cc to download covers from. After trying Batman Begins I notice the center of my Hubprintable DVDs has have no graphic on it. Does that mean I should be buying,ordering DVD’s that are stack printable only? Because I will only be backing up Movies and doing no custom work.
Or is the case with some movies and not all?

Mine Hub printable DVD


Source that is Hub printable?


The Batman label is from a non-hub-printed disc, there’s no way to make that hub-print. Movie discs come in both flavors. I usually keep some of each type disc around. Create a media template in CD-LabelPrint for each type disc, using a ruler to measure the printable area on the disc.

Once you get the centering adjustments done, it should remain centered for all discs. Once you get the inner and outer measurements right for your media, it won’t change either. I have 6-8 templates for different media brands and types, created using a ruler and fine-tuned after printing.


So is it safe to say that after buying Memorex printable Cd’rs it will be right on for the DVDs?

Is there a picture of where I take each Measurement from?


Which is inner and outer?

Is inner the gap between the Blue? and outer the small gap between the green?


[QUOTE=arce;2187459]So is it safe to say that after buying Memorex printable Cd’rs it will be right on for the DVDs?

No, but it will be close. Memorex uses media from a variety of sources.

Measure discs across the equator. The total width of the center un-printable area and the total width of the printable area. In other words, the widths of those inner and outer circles on the printable area.



I guess Memorex CD-R printables are different:( I just bought them.




Nice … yeah it takes a few to get it where you want it. After that it’s a breeze. Glad you got it figured out.


Thanks Bob it wasn’t to bad.

It took between 18-20 Cd-r’s and a few DVD’s