Hi! I have just installed Intel Active Monitor and found the temperatures to be 50`C and the application is alerting me saying that ’ the zone has reached maximum recommended temperature ’ . Is there any thing to worry about ? what is the right temperature range for the processor to function properly ?
I will be installing Motherboard Monitor later .

Arun .


anything up tp 65c is acceptable, but to put it in context, my amad xp 2500 clocked as a 3200 runs around 40c which is really the kind of temps i like it.

Heat is the major disintigration of components so the cooler it is, the longer it’ll last… Try buying a case fan or two and you should see a major improvement.


It is a bit high if the CPU is idle, since when in full load the temp will be much higher. If this aint in idle it is ok. Plus keep in mind that the reported temps are most likely not acurate :wink:


The maximum temperature for a P4 2.8 Ghz is 75 C. After that you’ll start to get real problems.

50 C isn’t too bad if the CPU is being worked but if that is the temperature “idle” then that is a bit higher than it should/could be.

Try taking off the case side panels and seeing whether the temperature drops a lot, in which case the case temperature is too high and you need to look at case fans etc. Otherwise perhaps the HSF or thermal contact (paste etc) isn’t too good.


lol 3 posts almost at the same time :slight_smile:


I have an additional fan ( in my old system ) and i can install it in my new one if I remove it frm the old one . should I do this to regulate proper temp. in my system ? but I think the new fan makes a lot of noise :frowning:


Yes, add the fan. If it makes too much noise, buy a new larger, quieter one. My case fans are the quitest part in my case.

Also by removing the side panels, does that improve temperatures?