I use PC Alert 3 provided by MSI to determine my CPU temperature, but when i look in the AMI BIOS Hardware Mmonitoring section, it shows a different reading. For example in PC Alert 3 , the CPU temperature is 55°C but in the BIOS, it reads 50°C. (AMD chip, of course!). This must be common to many systems…which is the most accurate?

You could also use 3rd party progs, like Motherboard Monitor of Hardware Sensors Monitor.
It also depends on where the temperture is read out. For example, I own a Asus A7V133 and the temperture meter is about 5mm from the core of my Thunderbird.
So HSM tells me if I use this mobo, I should add 10°C to the temp. This I can set in HSM itself, so it autom. counts 10°C up by the temp.

The newest MoboMonitor is also reliable… for as far as I heard. :slight_smile:


2 part question.

I was reading somewhere that p4 's have a built in temperatue monitor. I this true?

I have a p4 1.7 478 pin. The idle temp is on average 129 F . I am using the stock p4 heat sync and fan.I removed the thermal pad and put on some artic silver II. I keep my case very cool 70 - 75 F of course, if i put the case next to an open window it will drop the case temp down to 62 F and the processor will be at 117- 122 F idle.
I have never experienced problems even when encoding files for days at a time. At 100% cpu usage, the temp is 149 F… I am not over clocking very much… just bumped the FSB up to 105…is this normal? what temps are other p4’s running at?


I have a PIV 2.2 and my iddle temp is 32°.
When I decode movies the temp never goes above 36-37°.

It’s a northwood processor so my Vcore is 1,39v so older cpu’s might get hotter because there Vcore is about 1,55v

Most of these programs will be all close (Mobo Monitor, VIA Hardware, BIOS) but with the in socket thermistor used by VIA chipsets is not the most acurate because it measure air temperatue in the ZIF socket. Intel uses internal temperature monitoring thermal diodes which is rather accurate. Here is a more info and a link.

"When Arctic Silver first arrived, it was tested by a variety of websites and yielded results showing temperature drops of 2-7 degrees C – exactly what we predict. The testbeds used by these websites, however, were primarily Pentium III’s with internal temperature monitoring thermal diodes.

Today, most websites have switched to Athlon-based systems which use a thermistor in the socket for temperature measurement. Unfortunately, this is inherently flawed. According to basic laws of physics, it is impossible to obtain an accurate temperature measurement downstream from the heat source in a secondary heat path in a non-isothermal environment.

Allow me to illustrate further. Imagine a room with one outside window. It’s winter outside—so the temperature outside is 30 degrees, while the room’s temperature is a uniform 70 degrees. A thermistor placed inside the room will, of course, register a temperature of 70’.

Now, imagine what would happen if you took that same thermistor and taped it to the outside of the window. The thermistor will register a MUCH lower temperature than 70’. There is only one section of it even in contact to receive heat flowing from the room, and that heat must pass through the glass. Furthermore, the other 75% of the thermistor is in constant contact with the outside air—which, as we have noted is much colder than the air in the room.

In short, the in-socket thermistor cannot effectively measure the temperature of the processor, all it truly does is measure the temperature of itself." here is the link

Thanks for the info. I lowered the FSB to the default speed, no overclocking, and temp is the same?? Any Ideas why the temp is so high? I have the side of my case open with a large fan drawing heat from the case. I am using an Addtronics mid tower, (it is more like a full), so the drive bay gondola hangs in front of the processor with a 15k cheata in it. However the Cheetah is cool to the touch thanks to the large fan. Do you think it is time for a Koolance case?

A friend of me have a P IV 1,&GHz with standard fan. No overclocking and well ventilated chieftch case. Idle it’s around 50 deg C under load it’s around 65-68 deg C. Pretty high if you ask me but it’s totally stable.

My systems which is AMD T-Bird 1,33GHz @ 1,460GHz is running at 48 deg C idle and 53-56 deg C under load. But this is measured with a heat sensor placed under the CPU core and not inside the core as on P IV CPU’s. My sys is also totally stable. Cooler is Alpha PAL8045 with arctic silver 2 and a zalman 8x8x2,5cm fan.

Does anyone know what Intel says about the temp? I went to their site but couldnt make sense of their reccomended temperatures other than case temp