Temperature q8200 help

Hello all,
I recently build a pc and I am concerned with the temps. First off here are the specs;
Coolermaster case
Antec earthwatts 500w power supply
6gig ram
Ati Radeon HD 4850
Quad core q8200
Scythe mini ninja heat sink (artic silver 5 paste)

I have a fan in the front of the case, one in the back, the one on the heat sink, and I tried a side/top fan but it didnt help.
My temperature readings using CoreTemp are currently (just firefox open) 50,44,45,49. I purchased the mini ninja hoping to drop the temps but they are almost identical to when I was using a standard intel fan.
It seems like anything I try has practially no effect on the temperatures so I am looking for suggestions. I want to drop the temps to the 30’s if possible because then I wanted to do some overclocking.

I have attached a picture to help get a better idea, I know it’s a mess but I’m worried about the temps right now.

Please help! Thanks

That’s a fine looking board, have you also tried reversing the fan directions such as blowing in or blowing out? I’m no tec. but, I have found it to make a big difference on some, systems. Yeah, I believe you can get those temps down some. good luck! :slight_smile: also, what are your average room temps?

Are you sure all four legs of the cooler are locked down?

I personally would not have chosen the mini ninja, but I doubt thats your problem. Is the MB controlling the cpu fan at all? Try turning off any MB fan control so that it runs full speed.

It may just be be that the temp sensors are stuck. I read on the older versions of real temp that Intel does not recommend using the idle temps See attachment. Mine always reads 32 26 22 22 at idle but it says two sensors are stuck. They all work over 40 deg though?