Temp storage files with Shrink

I read somewhere (but for the life of me - can’t find it now!!) that Shrink DVD stored the information which it read from the disc (the first time you insert it) - somewhere in C:\ Documents & Settings.

I have tried to find where these files might be stored - by browsing with Explorer and by doing a Search. I haven’t been able to find any indication of this ‘storage area’. Could someone tell me the where this info is stored - and if it resides permanently on your hdd until you delete it? I am concerned - in that it could add up to a fair bit of lost space over time if left undeleted.



As far as I know when using dvd shrink you pick what folder you want all the files to go to. Then you can go back and delete it. I use dvd shrink all the time.


Gio, gio, gio …


The files you want are found in Application Data

C:\Documents and Settings[i]username[/i]\Application Data\DVD Shrink 3.0\

They are named like this:

Analysis Results.6a7bd476

Thanks for the info -being new to this DVD process I wasn’t sure - now I won’t worry about filling up my OS hdd at least.


shocked I dont have them there and i just ripped a dvd . That is odd

Originally posted by giovanni42104
shocked I dont have them there and i just ripped a dvd . That is odd
Odd indeed! Have you searched Documents & Settings for “Analysis Results”?

Yes i did. That is why I didnt think anything was there. I dont know maybe cause i am moving the files to another location ? was that using deep analysis ? just was wondering if I have a build up somewhere I dont know about . hmm

Found them Odd they was moved to second hard drive. I guess cause I am installing all movies there. Confusers , oops I mean computers.

Must have been compiling my response to Gio’s answer while yours was being posted FutureProof. I thought I’d ‘read’ that files were stored in C:/Document&Settings - but I tried browsing a ‘load’ of guides today and couldn’t find the one that had made mention of it. Obviously I’ve been trying to pack too much learning into a couple days. I think I’d better start taking notes!!

Thanks for the response to this post. I think the info will be helpful to more than myself.


Just a PS here - a search using either DVD Shrink 3.0 or Analysis result brought up nothing - and browsing C:\ Doc’s& Settings showed nothing either UNTIL I opened the ‘folder options’ and ticked ‘view hidden files’ - and then Viola - there it was.

So as not to have to hunt it down everytime I did a shortcut to desktop - which will make it an easy clean after I’ve finished with a particular DVD.

Thanks Again!!


It’s not a really big deal, with about 20 analysis files in there, mine is only using 3MB of space. And if you keep them, you dont have to analyze that DVD ever again.

Actually - your right about the size being insigificant - for some reason I imagined them growing quite large and creating a lot of fragmentation on my OS hdd.

Still I am glad that I know where they are at least. I guess I’m odd that way - It drives me nuts when I can’t find where a prog is storing files.

Good point thought