Temp Solutions to LiteOn LVC-9006 "invalid disc" Problem

I, too, experienced the same problem(s) with my LiteOn LVC-9006 DVD/VCR Combo as I see many others on this forum have. The DVD blank media I was using would format and record just fine - then upon playback I’d get the “invalid disc” message. I changed blank media 5 times (giving away the remainder of each spindle to a neighbor - very costly). Here’s what worked for me (temporarily each time):

  1. DVD Cleaning Disc (the kind with brushes).
  2. Then, because I noticed how hot the unit always seemed to be, I’d leave it unplugged (not simply “off”) for a minimum of 12 hours.
  3. Then I upgraded the firmware (liteonamericas.com - you have to email them and request the firmware as it’s not offered as a download on their site).
  4. And now the latest thing I’ve done is to take the %&@^#$*(% unit apart and clean the blue DVD lense with a q-tip and 99% alcohol (2 silver screws on each side of the silver case, then 4 black screws on the rear, then 4 silver screws on the metal sheath that holds the DVD burner in place, then 4 black screws holding the black plastic body of the DVD burner together).

P.S. - the only blank media that has never failed is Memorex DVD+RW Rewritable (yellow label), but obviously too expensive to use for each and every recording.