Temp files

I’ve found I’ve got a “DVDFab” file in my My Documents folder which has 31.2GB of Temp files in it. These are from movies I backed up some time ago, and no longer have any need of. Shouldn’t the program just discard these after use?
What should I do - can I just go in there and delete them?

Basically, there are two means of retaining the files on your hdd: choosing a target other than your burner, ie., your hdd(s), or unclicking the box “Delete temporary files when done”.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your reply.
I have the latest DVDFab Platinum - I can’t see a box with “Delete temporary files when done” anywhere on the program. I can a box for preserving menus and copying DVD/video data only, but not for deleting temporay files.

click on the star right upper corner and a small window opens called 'common settings". In the "general"directory window there are 6 menu items u can check. It’s the second one.

You also need to click on finish to make sure the temps are deleted. After burn successful box is closed, there is choice to burn another copy or finish. If you closed program by clicking on the [X] before finish, the temp will be saved.


OK, found it! The box was ticked, but I think what this is is that these are temp files from when the program fails to back up the movie, which happens quite often. Obviously when it fails, I don’t click “Finish”, and probably the movies goes to my hard drive.

Another problem. When I tried to delete one of the Temp files I got an error massage:
"Cannot delete VTS_02_4 Data error (cyclic redundancy check)"
Is there anything I can do about this. The file is taking up 3.76GB, and I’d really like to get rid of it.