Temp files



hi all

during the creation of a dvd compilation using nero 6.6, the program for some reason had to close. The problem is that the files i had dragged into the compilation are still in my hard disk, which now has very-very little space. Anyone can tell me where nero saves these files, so i can manually remove them?

thanx in advance


Search for .VOB (advanced mode). All the video files are probably located under that folder.


Check in what you have “nero -> preference -> cache” set to, which IIRC defaults to C:\Documents and Settings\user name\Local Settings\Temp


That may not work if you have multiple partitions. My Windows partition is only 2 GB. Most shrink programs with put the VIDEO_TS folder in the largest partition with the most free space.


i’ll check it out, but, just for the record, i’m not talking about video. It’s about mp3s (which i didn’t find using search :frowning: ). thanx