Temp file issue with nero 7

Hi All,

I’ve just got Nero 7, and was very pleased with how easy it is to author my first home vid!

Tried to burn it, but Nero says "not enough space available for recording process, there are 3059Mb available for temporary files in C:\DOCUME~1\Frags\LOCALS~1\Temp, but recording process needs 4117Mb.

Does anyone know how I get around this to burn my project! I have tried clearing out the temp files with CCleaner and ATF.

I’m a newbie (another one!), so this is all abit over my head at the mo!

Any help, gratefully recieved.


Set the temp folder to another drive with more free space.

Cleared out the Recycle Bin and if you’ve got Norton the protected recycle bin as well?

Try to :

  1. defrag you Hard Drive
  2. Delete the content of your Temp folder
  3. Empty your Recycle bin
  4. Make sure you do have enough free space in your hard drive ( twice the size of the file you are trying to rip and copy)
  5. Make sure you have no any other programs runing on the background of your system that might eatup your system memory.
  6. Make sure your hard drive and writer and CD/DVD-ROM all are in DMA position.