Telling good "India" Memorex DVD+Rs from bad?

Is there a way to tell the good “Made in India” Memorex DVD+R 25-packs from the bad “Made in India” Memorex DVD+R 25-packs? (sorry-grammar sacrificed for clarity)

What’s a good India media? Why not spend a little more for Made in Japan media? Guarantee better quality and often just a few cents more per disc. Personally, I don’t touch Memorex.

There is no way to know for sure what you have with Memocrap until you open the box of chocolate and eat the candy.

ive used 30packs when i run out. and i have had no problems with the ones ive used. however since im not at home i do not know where they are made thoe…

I believe that they are MBI but an not 100% sure.