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Pop into any good highstreet or online shop that sells blank media and you’ll be swamped with the wide range of media currently available. It is difficult to tell which brand and model is…

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Nexxtech, WinData, Memorex whatever is cheapest except Sony which are crap.


All that is crap too though :stuck_out_tongue:


Taiyo Yuden media are the best. Usually found under the Verbatim or Ricoh label.


Thanx Seán! Thanx Lin :*


Verbatim by MMC are good. Latest CMC references are also nice. Taiyo Yuden is never the less the number 1, but hard to find. For reviews and test on media chec on the dvdmedia tab. :slight_smile:


Taiyo Yuden for single layer - 8x +R ones are the best. Made in Singapore Verbatim for +R double layer. DVD-ROM bitsetting on all, of course.


Best price/performance: CMC


cq-fryes brand 17 dollars for 100 when on sale. I have heard that people have problems with them, but for me they are great and cheap. The quality is the same as when I use more expensive brands so I don’t bother.


Moser Baer (Media code: MBI) never failed me. Have 3+ year old CD-Rs and they worl fine. :g


I should have learned back in the early CD days not to trust gold disks. I found some DVD+R DL at a Micro Center under the name of WINDATA that are dreadful. Maxell disks seem to work okay for me, though they’re not as good as Philips.