Tell us about festivals you visited or you plan to visit!

Last night I got back from this festival called “A campingflight to LowLands 2005”. I really enjoyed it, esp the performances of Marilyn Manson, Nightwish, Apocalyptica and the Foo fighters. It was the first festival I went to since 2 years. I think I totally forgot what it was like: we had such a great time. And no… didn’t drink any beer (just coke), the music just did it!

Are there more forum members that go to festivals? Or parties perhaps? Share your stories!

Cork is European Capital of Culture this year - saw Brian Wilson (fantastic gig) and an Irish comedian Tommy Tiernan (look him up - I think one of the funniest guys out there) at a purpose built venue in Cork.

Planning to go to T in the Park next year. Mates have all been but i’ve usualy been working or the tickets were all gone.

Sweden Rock Festival! June 8-10 2006…Period.
Nice people, nice surroundings and lots of good old metal.
I’m gonna be there for sure. :bigsmile:

Ultra Music Festival, & Winter Music Conference.

I went last Saturday to a small metal gathering. Some local bands and one from interstate played. Very good, I must admit. One crazy band was “Five Star Prison Cell”. Crazy frontman :stuck_out_tongue: